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Progress in May 2011

Wow. What a difference a good day makes.

We had a particularly good day on a Wednesday a couple of weeks ago – the best day we have had for so long. Isaac had next to no colic, we relaxed, Anastasia had fun with animals, we ate delicious seafood, everybody slept well, we got to watch a whole movie in one go. It made us feel fantastic. In fact, despite a number of significant crying episodes since it felt as though we turned a bit of a corner on that day. Wednesday, 18 May 2011. It’s a date for us to remember in perpetuity.

What made this day so great?

  1. Bateman’s Bay
  2. To begin, we were staying at Bateman’s Bay in a very nice little holiday apartment at a place called Parker By The Sea. I would heartily recommend this place – the apartments were gorgeous, modern and well kitted out. The kitchen was fantastic. The bedrooms were nice and large. The whole place just had a great feel to it. Our apartment had the master bedroom downstairs, where we slept with Isaac, and two bedrooms upstairs – one with a queen bed and one with twin singles. We let Anastasia choose which one she would sleep in and she chose the queen bed. She looked so small sleeping in the middle of this enormous bed but she loved it. She slept more soundly there even than she would normally at home.

  3. Birdland Animal Park
  4. Not the famous jazz club, or I might have gone as well. As it was, I stayed home and read books while the girls went to the animal park, which is part wildlife vet, part tourist attraction.

    Anastasia had a ball – she patted wombats, looked at wallabies and even had a snake draped around her. In fact, she enjoyed the snake so much she went back to it and had it placed on her several times.

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  5. No colic
    Aside from one session of crying for about half an hour or less when they were arriving at the animal park, Isaac had basically no colic all day. In fact, during the afternoon he was particularly delightful – smiling and gurgling at us.

  6. Excellent seafood
  7. Thanks to a most excellent tip received from our friend Bianca the last time we were in Bateman’s Bay, we returned to the 3 Fish Cafe in the main street of Bateman’s Bay. An absolutely delicious mixed seafood grill consumed while sitting in a little park looking out over the water. A pretty much perfect lunch.

  8. Anastasia slept for at least 3.5 hours during the day
  9. That pretty much explains itself.

  10. Free time and good sleep
  11. Because Anastasia slept so well during the day and because Isaac had a good day, Tegan and I had lots of free time. We got to read books, watch Masterchef and even watch a movie (Mao’s Last Dancer – we liked it) after Anastasia went to bed. And then everyone, including us, slept well overnight. It was glorious.

  12. Did I mention, no colic
  13. It was just so good.

Dickson Wetlands Planting Day

Very kindly, the ACT Government is providing us with some great new amenities and improving the view from our house (and probably increasing our property value) by building wetlands across the road from us. Today they invited members of the community along to help plant trees and plants, so we went along to help out and have a look – primarily as a bit of a fun activity for Anastasia. It was quite a nice little trip out just before lunchtime and we had a good time checking out the wetlands development, planting some trees and catching up with friends and neighbours.

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Construction has been going on for a number of months and seems to have almost finished. Hopefully this means that soon our house and car will stop being coated in red dust on a daily basis and that the smell of fertiliser and manure will fade. More seriously, it looks like it will be a great and fun place for Anastasia (and eventually Isaac) to explore and the concrete paths look like a perfect surface for trikes and small bikes.

See more info about the Wetlands on their official page here or on their Facebook page here.

The Big Night Night Book

Family portrait

Family portrait with new babies
New babies all around: we have Isaac and Anastasia has Isabel, who was her present from Isaac when she was born. This was taken when Isaac was five weeks old.

In case you didn’t already know…

…we’re having our second baby soon after 8am tomorrow morning.
1 day to go