We just had a great and spontaneous weekend away. On Friday night over dinner with good friends Richard and Kathryn, we were discussing cheese, wine, travelling and related things. So, I asked if people wanted to do some cheese tasting on Saturday, in Milawa. Anyway, in about 10 minutes we’d decided on the trip and organised to meet Tim and Ammi Narraway at Milawa, and stay with them in Wagga Wagga. So, off we went on Saturday morning – and it was great.

We went to the Brown Brothers winery and Epicurean Centre in Milawa, which is in the King Valley area of Victoria, near Wangaratta.

The Epicurean Centre is a restaurant, that aims to offer the complete epicurean package – excellent food and excellent wine, and the two matched perfectly together to stimulate the senses in every way. And it was very good. Tegan might comment on it more, but I did notice that the menu we had was different than the one on their website (which you can see here – but the Reserve Muscat served with Chocolate Tart with Espresso Ice Cream sounds fantastic on that menu!)

After Brown Brothers, it was on to the Milawa cheese factory, which is also excellent, then up to Wagga Wagga, for a dinner consisting of said cheese, followed by a game of snooker at the local club (in which Kathryn and Tim J narrowly defeated Tim N and Richard in a come from behind victory).

All in all, it was a most fantastic weekend, and we very much njoyed ourselves. Photos to follow soonish, hopefully.

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  1. Kathryn 14 November, 2003

    There’s no better thing that spontaneity with friends, good cheese and fine wines! Oh yes, and who ever said that time playing pool means a mis-spent youth!

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