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Family portrait

Family portrait with new babies
New babies all around: we have Isaac and Anastasia has Isabel, who was her present from Isaac when she was born. This was taken when Isaac was five weeks old.

In case you didn’t already know…

…we’re having our second baby soon after 8am tomorrow morning.
1 day to go

No baby yet

photoNo baby has yet arrived, but thanks to everyone who has been contacting us for news and to see how we are.

Tegan’s fingers and ankles are badly swollen – she was in a lot of pain last night and had a lot of trouble sleeping. Fortunately our new mattress is working as intended and I’m finding it easier to sleep even when Tegan can’t.

The obstetrician was today back to talking about a 9 August due date, so while it could be any day now it might still be a week or two.