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When do you think it will come?

Tegan has now finished up at work and is starting to wind down and relax in preparation for the baby arriving. We have set up the nursery, Tegan has had her baby shower and we had a formal maternity photography session done with us on Saturday morning just passed (and we’re very much looking forward to the photos). We have a pram, cot, portable cot, baby capsule for the car (and a new car), stacks of baby clothes and nappies and pretty much everything we need for the baby. Tegan has even started packing her bag for the hospital.

In short – we’re basically organised and ready for this baby to arrive. Well, maybe not emotionally or mentally prepared, but physically prepared anyway.

So, given that only 5% of babies arrive on their due date and that two weeks either side of the due date is considered normal, the baby could be arriving any time in the next month. The nominal due date is currently 2 August.

Here’s a game: when do you think that the baby will arrive? And what gender do you think that it will be?

Leave your comment below. There’ll be some sort of prize for whoever is closest – at the very least it will be a large jar of jellybeans. The correct answer will (God willing) be revealed within the next month.