Council of Australians for Uneducated Americans

Got this by email today – it’s absolutely hilarious. I wish I could find more of these, but a Google search didn’t turn up any more. Please leave a comment here if you find any more you can point me to.

Also, please note that the problem with the second one isn’t the kangaroo in the house, nor the cigarette in its mouth, nor the over-sized stubby, nor the fact that a child has it, nor the fact that he’s drinking beer with a straw (I saw somebody do that in a pub yesterday).

The reason it’s wrong is that no-one in Australia drinks Fosters.


  1. Josh 13 January, 2012

    Totally agree with the second one! Fosters is horrible!

  2. Donovan 19 February, 2012

    Yes it does… I have an australian friend named James, and he tells me all about his Kangaroo adventures to tafe.

  3. Bec 14 December, 2013

    NO it does not *shakes head* your mate must be having you on haha

  4. Ben 1 February, 2014

    That’s right Kangaroos have been all but replaced by trams for commuter transport now since they tend to attract drop bears.

  5. Matt 27 November, 2019

    Agreed. No one here drinks Fosters… and seriously, what noob needs reins while riding their ‘roo. Though we obviously don’t ride in the cities either (for fear of attracting drop bears).

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