We had a pretty great and in some ways surreal day yesterday.

First up, we overcame the residual effects of a viruss we’d both been suffering from during the week to make it to a photoshoot with a bunch of other people from the Canberra Photographers group on Flickr. That in itself sounds fairly normal, but our subject matter was a local burlesque troop that one of the Flickr group members is also part of. This was fantastically fun and interesting – playing with studdio lighting and having as subject matter a bunch of people who are performers already and therefore were quite good at posing. Tegan shot a couple of hundred shots with the digital camera and I shot several rolls fo B&W film. Tegan got a few quite good shots and I can hardly wait to develop my film and see the results.

After the shoot, a few of the Flickr group members came back to our place for coffee and to review our results on the computer. This was also fun.

More surreal, a stranger came to to the door. The stranger was the woman who had designed our house. She was in town, down from Brisbane, and asked to have a look around as she had never seen it before. She also told us the story behind it: she and her fiance had designed the house and they were going to live in it with her father, who was quite elderly. However, her father passsed away and she and her fiance split up, which is why it was available for us to buy it. This explained some of the design elements of the house e.g. why there are two master bedrooms. She also explained that the octagonal windows in the stairwell were designed that way because her engagement ring was octagonal.

Later in the day we had a wonderful afternoon tea, catching up with friends we don’t see very often. And then we got to have a nice relaxing evening and watch Australia thump Wales in the rugby. Excellent.

All in all, a fairly relaxing day, which was exactly what we needed.

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