People have been telling us that we need to stock on up on sleep before the baby arrives. Apart from the fact that I don’t know if a sleep bank is a physical possibility, this sounds like a nice idea. Unfortunately, the baby causes Tegan some discomfort in her sleep, causing Tegan to wake up every couple of hours on average. This also tends to mean that I wake up every two hours, on average.

To assist in overcoming this deprivation of sleep we decided to buy a new mattress – a nice, fairly firm latex mattress. It’s something we’ve been planning to do for a while.

The new mattress was delivered today. In testing it out, Tegan was delighted to discover that, unlike our old one, it doesn’t sink in the middle and it didn’t stick any springs into her. We were really looking forward to getting a good night’s sleep in it.

Unfortunately, in emptying the garbage in the bedroom tonight, Tim managed to prick his finger on something. In shaking it around, as you do when something stings your finger, Tim noticed specks of blood on the mattress. Unfortunately, it turns out that Tim didn’t prick his finger – he got a double sided razor blade embedded edge first into the tip of his middle finger on the right hand and shaking it had caused blood to go on the new mattress, the carpet, three walls, the ceiling, the wall hanging, another wall hanging, the bedside table, the bassinet (scary that we have one of those in our room already), his clothes and on a few other bits and pieces in the room. 

Very kindly, friends who were coming over to catch up with Tegan cleaned up lots of blood for us while Tegan took me to the doctor (in an amusing  aside: the nearest after hours medical service is at Calvary Hospital, located right underneath the maternity ward, which we will be returning to fairly soon. I did speculate that it would be humorous if we visited one, only to return to the other a few hours later. Fortunately this does not appear to be the case).

End result: we don’t actually get to sleep on the new mattress tonight after all, because it basically had to be washed. Hopefully our spare bed is conducive to good sleep.


  1. Stephen Gale 25 July, 2008

    I only have one thing to say – ouch!!!

    Well, two things – because I hope it gets better soon and stops hurting.


  2. Tim 25 July, 2008

    It’s actually not painful – but I am finding it difficult to type with a big bandage over my finger. It was more annoying than anything.

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